Artistry by Camille

Not only was it a complete honor to be a bridesmaid at my beautiful friends wedding but I had the incredible honor to be the very first, yes that's right, the very first person to ever be allowed to do her makeup. Knowing Jenny for half my life, I know pretty well that she is a very modest woman who loves nothing more then to throw on some comfy jeans, slip on her flip flops, tie up those gorgeous long locks and go Au' natural. So it was to my surprise that someone with such natural beauty and low key regimen to her daily makeup routine asked me to glam her up for one of the most precious days' of her life. I was thrilled.

As my creative juices flowed I kept the makeup very modest, natural and luminous. I wanted to incorporate her wedding color, so I gave her a very polished smokey eye in plum. I absolutely loved how the dark shade of purple warmed up her honey brown eyes to give even more of an angelic glimpse to this dark haired beauty.

Throughout the years of seeing each other turn the pages of many chapters in our lives, it was my pleasure to be a contribution to one of the most sublime and newest chapters in her life. My dear friend, thank you so much for letting me be apart of this new beginning for you and Noah. Congratulations to the beautiful couple, wishing you both an eternity of love and happiness xoxo.

Stay beautiful

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Preparation is the most important aspect of makeup application. Without this, the makeup artists' work will be compromised in its appearance and longevity. Preparing the skin is easy when you know how, but most importantly, it is imperative to understand and treat the skin as the largest living organ on the body.

I cannot emphasize enough how essential it is to nourish your skin. These days with our lifestyles and work stresses we are often faced with tired, dry, gray skin or at the other end of the scale it's, oily, blemished and dirty. It is crucial to work with a clean, hydrated canvas to get the most out of your own and the makeup artists' makeup ensure a flawless finish. Professional skin treatments are costly to do on a regular basis, but with a little extra time and care, anyone can maintain fresh, healthy glowing skin.

Hope these tips help :-D

8 Dietary Tips to Promote Great Skin

  • Eating well is so essential for healthy looking skin. A diet rich in vitamins and fiber helps the skin to repair itself. Including vitamins B12, C, D and fish oil. These antioxidants fight free radicals in our elements and help protect the skin throughout the day from harsh UVA & UVB rays that age us tremendously. Avoid or cut back on gluten, refined sugars, processed foods and dairy if you are having major skin breakouts.
  • Nourish your skin from the inside out with good nutrition like leafy greens, citrus fruits, nuts, fish and lean meat. Drinking lots of water (at least 8-10 glasses per day) is vital to keep skin hydrated.
  • Limit your intake of alcohol consumption. Excessive alcohol is extremely dehydrating to our skin and very damaging to our liver and immune system. It also dilates the facial blood vessels causing broken capillaries that create rosacea on areas around the cheeks and nose.
  • Exercise helps improve circulation, reduces stress, releases serotonin and prevents from deteriorating muscles.
  • Emotions often trigger skin problems as well. So try to make time for yourself and practice forms of meditation, yoga or taking a relaxing bubble bath at night to help calm your nerves. So don't worry, be happy :-D
  • Get plenty of sleep. At night your skin isn’t faced with environmental elements and can rest. This is when your body repairs all its cells. So always make sure that you're staying hydrated and getting plenty of vitamins throughout the day because we lose more moisture at night while we are sleeping then we do throughout the whole day.
  • Cut down on coffee, soda pop, tea and cigarettes. These beverages with the combination of smoking are extremely dehydrating for your skin.
  • Avoid yo-yo dieting as this causes the skin elasticity to weaken. Think of our elasticity as a rubber band, when its pulled every which direction time and time again, eventually it loses it spring and we are left with saggy lifeless skin. Stick to eating a well balanced healthy diet, exercise about 3 times a week, drink lots of water, live life, be beautiful and don't forget to smile darling :-D

  5 Top Skin Tips

  • Cleanse after every work out to prevent clogged pores and future break outs.
  • Don’t go to sleep with makeup on ever. Mascara will break your lashes, this has personally happened to me. Eye makeup can irritate your eyes and you could potentially wake up to an eye infection, no bueno. When sleeping with makeup on your skin isn’t free to rest and breathe, so the result is a dull appearance instead.
  • Don’t use very old makeup. The preservatives don’t last forever and may contribute to bacteria that aggravates your skin.
  • Same applies to dirty brushes, wash them regularly to avoid bacteria growing. For liquid foundation brushes wash them before each application, for powder brushes cleanse every 3 days. I recommend Japonesque's brush cleaner spray found at Beauty Brands for only $11. It has a fresh orange scent that sanitizes and cleans all the oil and gunk that builds up on your brushes.
  • Wear sunblock daily to protect your skin from sun’s harsh rays. Even if its a cloudy day UV rays are still present. Sun is the number one attribute to aging faster than you ever intended too.
Remember - The key to a glowing complexion is to maintain a good skincare routine. Look after your skin and it will look after you!

The 6 Most Important Steps to Prepare the Skin Before Makeup

1. Cleanse
Keep it simple. Start by cleansing your face and neck with a product that is gentle and soap free. Know your skin type and choose appropriate cleansers. For dry skin, a creamy cleanser is works the best to give it back the moisture its lacking. And for oily skin a clear cleanser works best to mattify over active sebaceous glands (oil glands).
Remove any traces of old makeup with a product specifically designed for removing it. I recommend Olay's cleansing wipes for sensitive skin (found at any grocery or drug store). Rinse your skin with luke warm water and begin to work your cleanser into a lather. Move in circular motions for 60 seconds than rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a terry cloth towel. Be careful not to use extreme temperatures, either too hot or too cold will cause broken capillaries.

2. Exfoliate
Use a face exfoliator twice a week. To keep the skin glowing and improve circulation we must remove the surface buildup of dead skin cells that often contribute to a dull complexion. It’s hard to create smooth flawless foundation when the skin has a rough surface underneath. We must take care of our canvas. Exfoliating also avoids clogged oil glands which help to prevent blackheads, age spots and dry patches from appearing. I recommend using exfoliators specifically for the face as other body exfoliators are too abrasive for the delicate tissue on our faces. Never use your exfoliator more than twice a week, over scrubbing can lead to dry patches and scraping.
First, splash your face with luke warm water, apply scrub and gently work into the areas that are most problematic for you. Scrub for 60-90 seconds then rinse thoroughly using luke warm water and pat dry with a terry cloth towel. You must tone and moisturize afterwards, otherwise skin will be dry and long term dryness will lead to cracking and premature aging.

3. Tone
Use a toner mist to either balance, sooth or purify the skin, such as rose water, lavender water, or citrus toner – whichever refresher toner that suits your skin type and restores balance. Moisturizer will absorb 30% more if applied to damp skin, so don’t skip this part. You will end up using less moisturizer if you tone before hand.

4. Moisturize
If the skin is dry I use a few drops of organic Argan oil or rose-hip oil all over, before hydrating my face with a face moisturizer. Rose hip oil is renowned for its healing and nutritious benefits for the skin, while Argan oil is known to strengthen the skins elasticity and improve overall health and vitality.
Feed and nourish the skin with your moisturizer twice a day. It is important to hydrate and plump up the skin cells, regardless. Even if the skin is oily, it still needs a layer of protection to seal in that moisture. Most people with oily skin refuse to use a moisturizer because they claim to already have enough moisture. Well let me tell you why you oily people out there MUST moisturize. If you do not, your sebaceous glands (oil glands) become over active and start producing more oil then need be.Your skin's PH becomes unbalanced which leads to more break outs. No excuses, you can find plenty of price friendly oil free moisturizers at any drug store.  

5. Eye cream is so essential and is my personal favorite skin care product. Since we don't produce oil around our eyes after we hit puberty, we have to manually hydrate that area day and night.
Pump a pea size amount onto your ring finger (this finger gives off the least amount of pressure subconsciously) and dab onto your orbital bone (the bone underneath your eye) also onto the lid as well. Make sure not to rub abrasively, as this could tear the delicate tissues and collagen under our eyes. Most eye creams should last you about a year, little goes a long way. Wait 5-10mins for it to sink in before applying any cosmetic products.

6. Sun Protection.
Experts will all agree that sunscreen is the most important part of your skin care routine, and I couldn't agree more. Sunscreen protects skin from premature aging, sun spots, hyper pigmentation, broken capillaries, rashes, sunburn and skin cancer. Use a broad spectrum with a minimum of SPF 25 and reapply every 2-4 hours if you are in direct sunlight.

If you follow most of the steps above you are doing well. If you manage them all on a regular basis, you will have fantastic skin and it will remain that way throughout your entire life. If you have any wonderful treatments you already apply or any questions about a skin care regimen, please share them in the comments below.

Stay Beautiful,
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In order to cover Rany's hyper pigmentation I used a three in one color correcting primer that helps minimize redness, dulness and hyper pigmentation in the skin. To completely camouflage the brown spots I used a concealer that had a yellow undertone to cancel out the discoloration all together.   

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In order to even out Octavia's skin tone I used a three in one color correcting primer and than a combination of both yellow and pink under toned foundations. Mixing both foundations gave me just the right shade for her skin complexion in order to even everything out.

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To cover Courtney's naturally flushed skin I used a green color correcting primer to calm down any redness. I than used cream concealer after I applied foundation to cover all imperfections completely so everything camouflaged nicely for an even distribution.

Photos by Creative Event Studio, hair courtesy of Courtney Jones
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In order to warm up Britney's skin tone I dusted a golden under toned bronzer after the foundation application all over her neck, chest, jawline and temples for a more natural-looking healthy glow.

Photos by Creative Event Studio, hair courtesy of Courtney Jones
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